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The Company

INNOKASA SRL is an Italian Firm which focuses its business on innovative building technology such as CFS (Cold Formed Steel), developed by American Iron and Steel Institute. The building structure is based on light steel, previously galvanised: your building is created by a solid steel frame able to grant maximum precision and high efficiency.

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Project and Contract

Innokasa Contractor manages the development of a building project step by step, starting from interior and exterior design settings. Innokasa Contractor is the ideal partner not only for private projects but also for company solutions. Innokasa Brand provides its global knowhow and help to realize your dreams. Contact us for a free quote.

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Blog / Social

INNOKASA SRL focuses its mission on sharing its innovation to the privates and corporates for a better and safer way to live our buildings. If you want to receive updated news and read more information about our activities, you can find us also on our blog and social accounts. Follow us and discover the Innokasa world.

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Our products

Innokasa builds energy-efficient, earthquake-proof homes. From design to delivery!
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Contact Us

If you need more information about the products and services you see on this site, please contact us using the form on this page..
Our staff will gladly reply as soon as possible.

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